Training Video 员工培训视频

1. Employees working in the kitchen, bakery, deli, meat and seafood departments are required to wear in addition to the regular dress code an apron, hair net or cap, and gloves at all times.

2. Employees working in receiving must wear safety shoes at all times

3. Always wear your name badge when you work and keep it clean and free of clutter

4. Use punch clock to punch in and out

5. Use the right sized and replaced step ladders (never use milk crates or boxes) to reach something that is high off the ground

6. Keep all food items 15cm/ 6 inches off the floor on shelves, racks or pallets
放置所有食品离地 15 厘米/ 6 英寸在架子或拖车上

7. Use proper utensils to reduce direct hand contact when preparing food

The Workflow of the Produce Department 果菜部工作流程

Stocking & Zoning 进货和上货
Packing & 包装
Backroom & 库存理货